There's no rest for the dead, apparently, in some cases.  Bobby Fischer, the American chess champion who died in 2008 at age 64, is involved in a paternity suit and authorities in Iceland exhumed his body to get DNA samples early on June 5. 
Marilyn Young, who lives in the Philippines, says that she was in a relationship with Fischer and that her 9-year old daughter, Jinky, is a product of that relationship.  If she expects to get money out of this, she may have a very long wait.

Bobby was an eclectic personality, and he played by his own rules.  In 1992, he traveled to Yugoslavia against American orders to play his arch rival Boris Spassky.  The U.S. placed an arrest warrant on Fischer and he failed to return home, opting to stay in other countries.  Eventually he was arrested in Japan and served less than a year in prison.  Upon his release, he renounced his American citizenship and eventually settled in chess-crazy Iceland, which granted him citizenship.

When he died in 2008, he left no will, and various factions are fighting over his money and possessions, including Miss Young, who travelled to Iceland last week to give her own DNA samples, which she hopes with Bobby's will prove he is Jinky's father.