Research In Motion, maker of BlackBerry phones, has been singled out as a security threat recently in the Middle East because of the secure encryption it uses, which makes it impossible for outside sources to decode E-mails and messages sent with these phones.  Saudi Arabia has issued a ban on BlackBerries, which may be lifted as soon as that country can evaluate the security and encryption codes that Research In Motion has supplied them with.  India is getting in on the action now, citing BlackBerry as a threat to its security.  It is widely believed that the organizers of the recent Mumbai terrorist actions were coordinated with a BlackBerry, and India has issued a warning that if they are not provided with the encryption codes, they will be forced to reduce BlackBerrys to a voice-only service in their country.  Cell phone service in the Kashmir region is already reduced to voice-only because of the military action there.  The German government has banned the use of BlackBerrys by politicians and public service workers, and the European Union Commission has chosen the Apple iPhone and smartphones by HTC over BlackBerrys.