Okay, on Monday we told you about that young snot Justin Bieber's plans to release a book of his "memoirs" in October of this year.  Pardon us while we puke, but now comes word from Paramount Pictures, MTV, and Island Def Jam Records that that same muppet will be starring in as well as producing a 3D "feature film" about his life and career.  What will that be, a ten minute infomercial?  Somebody needs to tell this kid that we already have an annoying, over-employed gnome who wants every job in the entertainment industry, and his name is Ryan Seacrest.  Couldn't you at least wait until Seacrest retires before taking over his aspirations?  As of press time, over 500 comments accompanied Yahoo's report about this, and less than one percent of responses were favorable.  It appears this young man is universally hated, with only girls 10 to 13 years old in his fan base.