Legendary French singer Charles Aznavour plans yet another tour next year, but this may very well be his last.  Aznavour, who appears to be French music's version of Brett Favre, is 86 now, and his career has covered 55 years.  He said he was retiring on 1999 and 2000, did a farewell tour in 2006, then another in 2007, but kept plugging away.  This time, though, he plans to make a stop in Paris' famous Olympia theater for he first time in thirty years.  Aznavour told Europe 1 radio early on August 30 that "We'll close the circle at the Olympia because I'll be 87, almost 88.  At some point I'll have to stop".  That's as close as he's ever come to making a statement about retiring.  The singer has sold over a million records and composed about 1,000 songs in his long career.