Arizona continues to lead the fight against illegal immigration in spite of the fact that the federal government is of the mindset that they can't do it.  You'll recall that last year the state tried to pass sweeping anti-illegal immigration legislation that would have made it safer and save it tons of money by getting illegals out of its borders.  The Feds don't seem to want to stem the flow of illegals into this country and a federal court blocked key points of the Arizona laws.  On Thursday (Feb. 10), Governor Jan Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne took things to the next level by filing a suit against the Obama administration, saying that its lackluster enforcement of immigration laws has failed to protect the citizens of Arizona, a state which is currently a funnel for illegals, drugs, and white slavery into the United States.  While there have been weak, sporadic protests against Arizona's efforts, the fact remains that an overwhelming percentage of people in this country have had it with illegal immigrants draining our nation's finances.  Governor Brewer said that so many people have supported Arizona with donations to their fight that not a single dollar of state taxpayer funds has been used to finance it.