The American Idol summer tour is suffering from the same malaise that the TV show has had over the last few years: lost audiences.  While Live Nation, the tour organizer's spokesperson, Liz Morentin declined to give a reason for the cancellation of seven shows, Mohawk Radio sources managed to get a look at the ticket sale reports for the tour, and in the places where the shows were cancelled, American Idol was being outsold by local events at a rate of as much as two to one.  In one venue, less than a week before Idol was scheduled to come to town, less than twenty percent of the seats had been sold.  This accurately reflects the problems that the Idol show has had this year, several times being outdrawn by ABC's "Dancing With the Stars".  Perhaps the monkey wrenches in the show's cogs stem from the fact that people tired of the "Simon quitting" angle this year and had a hard time accepting Ellen Degeneres as a judge.  Chief Jack has already petitioned "Idol" to be the new judge next season.