If you're flying anywhere during the Thanksgiving holiday, it may take you much longer to get there.  An Internet protest called National Opt Out Day is gathering a lot of steam and is making airport staffs and federal authorities very nervous. The protest is being planned for Wednesday because the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for airlines.  The protest is actually against the much-criticized full body scans which people are calling a strip search as X-rays are used to virtually remove your clothing and see if you are concealing weapons or explosives before getting on a plane.  Travellers unwilling to submit to the scans can opt out of them and instead go through an even more intrusive full body pat down, which people have already complained is just an excuse to feel you up as many passengers have already complained of being groped in a highly degrading manner.  Protesters are hoping that hundreds, if not thousands, of people will opt out for the time-consuming pat downs and bring air traffic to a halt, or at least a vast slowdown.  The new security measures may very well keep many people away from flying, and if the airline industry falls apart, the much-expected depression may finally hit us.