Tomorrow is September 11, the ninth anniversary of the so-called "attacks" on America, and extremists on both sides of the issue are aiming their slings and arrows at the wrong target.  Muslim extremists are mad at the American people, and American extremists are singling out Muslims as hate mongers.  As we here at Chief Jack Radio have been saying since the original 9/11, there is only one entity responsible for all this: the United States government and George Bush.  Bush has many friends in the armament business, and they were moaning and groaning about losing money because there hadn't been a major war since Vietnam.  The Feds then planned a series of "attacks" that could be blamed on Islamic radicals, giving us an excuse to go out there and start a fight, but it had to be something spectacular enough that everybody would be in favor.  The three original targets were the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Sears Tower, and at all those targets, things didn't turn out as well as they'd planned, although at the WTC, Bush killed two birds with one stone since Genoa Joe Camino and his employees, who had offices there, were planning a spectacular expose on Bush's administration for us, and by destroying the Towers before Joe released the info, he was able to keep things quiet on that front.  There were things eventually pointed out by The Chief and others that cast doubts on the whole situation.  First, it's now officially acknowledged by chemists that the jet fuel alone couldn't create a hot enough flame to have weakened the WTC's structure and cause it to collapse.  Furthermore, if it HAD collapsed due to the fire, the structure on the impact side would have weakened first and made the buildings collapse sideways, not as we saw in the controlled demolition "pancake" collapses.  Also, the second tower to be struck collapsed first because the wrong explosives were triggered ahead of time.  As for The Pentagon, it was not struck by a plane, or there would have been much more damage.  Only the so-called "official" witnesses reported seeing a "plane" crash into the building---the silence of others was bought one way or the other.  On that day, however, there was a naval vessel off the coast of Virginia which fired a missile inland at The Pentagon, and the resulting damage is exactly like that caused by a missile.  In order to avoid conflicting reports, every business which had security cameras that could have recorded the missile strike were visited by "men in black" and the cameras and film were confiscated.  Finally, that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was actually a remote controlled aircraft whose initial target was the Sears Tower in Chicago.  When it malfunctioned and veered off its destination, unmarked fighter jets tracked it down and shot it out of the sky.  Winesses near the site reported seeing the unmarked fighters and told of an explosion in the sky before the plane crashed, and after it smashed in a field, another explosion was heard as the fighter(s) launched missiles that totally wiped out the downed plane in order to prevent the finding of any clues.  Next year, on the 10th anniversary, let's finally do justice to those who died on 9/11 by arresting George Bush and trying him in the World Court for his crimes against humanity.